ANT Academy

A N T Academy welcomes you throughout the year.

You will live your dream at the time when you will need it the most. A commitment to quality: Our sessions are organized in small groups in order to work closer to each player and to commit them with a personalized approach Our knowledge allows us to offer the same quality of expertise, no matter your skill level or your goals. Learn what high level means: Physically, Tennistically, and mentally. The A N T Academy is more than a training experience; it's the school for will and excellence. You will truly experience advanced playing. When you leave the academy, you will have grown physically, in terms of tennis technique and mentally, and you will have gone beyond your limits. We have space for a limited number of players who train with us on an annual basis (12 months of the year).

Services we provide to players in the Annual Training program include:

  • Training tailored individually to the player
  • Periodical training plans developed by our staff
  • Tournament schedules prepared by our staff
  • Coach accompanies player to tournaments
  • Annual fitness training plan individually designed for you
  • Small number of players ensures total attention.

We believe in training the person rather than teaching a system. Our staff expect dedication, proper attitude and good parental support for someone looking to join our Annual Training program.

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