Summer Coaching

Tennis is easy...

  • when coaches use the slower Red, Orange and Green balls

Tennis is fun...

  • when starter players serve, rally and score from the first lesson

Tennis competition is fun...

  • when formats & scoring systems exist to suit all lifestyles

Tennis is healthy...

  • when players serve, rally and score; research supports this

Tennis is a sport for all...


Coaching Overview:

The summer camp will be an introduction to learning tennis. The focus will be on using adaptive courts, a game-style approach, serving, rallying and scoring. Technical and tactical training are specifically designed to the needs of modern day tennis played internationally. The children will be placed in a group of appropriate skill level. There will be age group Tournaments during the last week of the camp. The players will be evaluated and based on which, feedback forms and certificates will be given to them with future goal setting.

Summer Camp Details (Mon - Fri)
(April 7th to May 16th 2014)
First Batch (07.04.2014 Onwards) Second Batch (07.04.2014 Onwards)
3.30 pm - Introduction 4.30 pm - Introduction
04.00pm to 05.00 pm -Tennis 05.00pm to 06.00 pm -Tennis
From 12.05.2014 to 16.05.2014 - Age Group Tournaments 16.05.2014 - Prize Distribution Evaluation Reports can be collected between 19th & 23rd May 2014


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